All S.B.A.M. items are handmade. Although we put a lot of emphasis on the craft and quality of our product, each piece should be handled and stored with care to ensure its longevity. All S.B.A.M. items come with a 6-months guarantee. Has your order developed a defect within 6 months due to an error on our part? Then we’ll repair or replace it for free.

Has your item been damaged after a period of 6 months? Then we’ll be happy to handle the repairs. For inquiries, please email:

It are and remain items that are worn, the product will be subject to carrier-tracks, however, a scratch or very small damages ARE not covered by the warranty.

S.B.A.M. works with casting resin and pigments that are normally resistant to UV radiation, however, we cannot prevent a colour from changing or fading.

Avoid using perfume, lotions or hairsprays while wearing your S.B.A.M. jewellery.

If you don't wear our jewellery, keep it in its original box without any other jewellery. 

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